King's Flavour

 Food truck selling Caribbean dishes near George Street and Hove Train Station .

Sorry for the poor phone pic, but I was too hungry :-) I have walked past King's Flavour on walks to go shopping numerous times and loved the smells coming from the van.

Last week as the rain was coming down in a cold, wet drizzle I stopped and ordered a curried goat with rice and beans.

The first impression was what a satisfyingly heavy box it was. With the weather turning, this is a perfect hearty lunch. The rice and beans had a bit more texture than plain rice, but not too much extra flavour. The star of the show here is the curried goat. The meat and stew was well seasoned with heat that builds, but never very "spicy hot".  This is one of my favourite Caribbean dishes, so I was pleased to see it on the menu alongside the standard popular dishes like Jerk Chicken and plantain. 

The one thing to look out for in Curried Goat are bones. As you'd expect from slow cooked meat it slid off the bone, with a couple of little chunks. So keep an eye out, it's not a dish to shovel down your throat, no matter how tasty it is!

As we enter another lockdown, keep in mind these small traders with small batch home cooked foods. I'll certainly be going back for a weekly takeaway lunch treat.

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