RECIPE: Parma a la Pom

Something a little different today ... a RECIPE!

Whilst living in Melbourne I grew to love a simple pub dish that is a staple out there- the Chicken Parmigiana or more simply the Chick Parma. With most pubs having some kind of "Parma and Pot" deal during the week.

There are three key components to this dish

  1. The Chicken schnitzel (plus ham plus sauce plus cheese)
  2. The Chips
  3. The Salad
each component can be made the easy/lazy way or the "proper" way and depending on time and taste you can mix and match how much effort that you want to put into each component ;-)

Here I've gone for a fairly lazy yet tasty way. First things first do you prep and get everything ready, here are my ingredients ...without the chips that came from the chip shop shortly before serving.

First off get the chicken schnitzel (or "steak" or "escalopes") in the oven for about three quarters of the time they would take to cook alone. Here mine would take 20 minutes so I left them in for 15 minutes. You might find a glass of wine is a good reward for all the hard prep work that you've done so far.

You could mix it up here by using Pork Escalopes and slices of chicken ...

Once they have started to crisp up and brown take them out and top with ham (here freshly sliced before topping). If you've made your own schnitzels then you could put the ham inside the breadcrumbs.

Next the pasta sauce, this should be "Napoli" sauce but in the UK I use Puttanesca sauce. Cover the ham with as much sauce as you dare! You can also save any left over sauce and heat up and then serve up at the end.

Next liberally cover in grated cheese. I use a nice mature cheddar (and usually end up eating half of it before it makes it onto the Parma ;)

Then put back in the oven for half the time the chicken would take alone when the cheese topping should be bubbling and brown. Now is also a good time to have a little taste of wine ;)

While the chicken is finishing off in the oven, plate up the salad artistically on the plate. Use whatever is seasonal and local - or failing that whatever healthy salad stuff that you find tasty.

After 10 minutes as you can see, the cheese was nice and golden and the chips had arrived from the chip shop!

Et volia, plate up the parma on top of the chips and serve with your favourite salad dressing. I also love mayonnaise on my chips, so use it for both :-)

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