Franco Manca

I'm back! Maybe :-) going to try shorter blogs on my phone. So excuse the autocorrect errors. 

The Surf & Ski is no more! In its place is the recently opened Franco Manca. This is a small chain from London, who serve simple sourdough pizza. They don't take bookings and although this was a busy Saturday night it didn't matter. 

The menu is simple. Consisting of six standard pizzas and a special. The two beers are no logo craft brews. On this occasion myself and my gin drinking companions all opted for number four - the ham and mushroom. 

The flavours were good with quality ingredients. Just the right amount of basil to give it freshness, but not so much as to overpower the other flavours. The ham was Gloucester Old Spot and home cured. 

One downside on the actual pizza was the base. My personal taste is for thin crispy Roman style crusts. I've not been to Naples but these looked like authentic Neapolitian bases to me. This didn't distract from the great flavours too much, I just didn't eat all the crust. 

The service was prompt and the staff friendly. With so many hard surfaces, the background noise occasionally made it hard to hear conversation. Added to that the prices were low compared to say Pizza Express, which also always seems to take an age to pay and leave. 

I think that Franca Manco will be my quick pizza stop in town. (Although Pizzaface is still my favourite takeaway!)

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