Market - OctoberBEST

 Market for OctoberBEST? Express menu tapas for £12 in the food oasis of Western Road? What could possibly go wrong?

For starters, parking! For anyone wanting to nip into town for lunch during the working day public transport doesn't cut it unfortunately.  Once that was out of the way, it was all good. The OctoberBEST menu was three "courses". With meat and veggie options for the stew or a Tortilla. I absolutely love Market, I don't dine here as often as I would like as it's often busy. It's also one of the places to spot former Brighton and Hove Albion players (if you follow him on insta you'll know who I mean ;-))

The Empanada to start was spiced chick pea, nice and crispy with what I think was a pea dip. Just enough to get excitement up for the main dishes.


We both opted for the Mussels a la Marinera. I think what makes a good mussels dish is the sauce, and this did not disappoint! I could taste the cream, shallot, sweet smoked paprika, chorizo ... looking at the main menu apparently it has Estrella Damn beer in as well in place of white wine/

Alongside that was a Caledo Galego stew. With Ham hock, greens, chorizo, potato, and a generous broth. I didn't take a pic, but the portion of bread and aioli came in handy here. Although I chose to prioritise the mussels sauce as that was amazing. 

Finally a sweet bit Leche Frita or as S called it, like "deep fried cheesecake bites". So smooth and gooey with a crispy shell. Dusted with cinnamon and a little caramel sauce. I could have eaten a large bowl of these!!

 To drink I went for the menu's suggestion of Albariño, a light Galician  wine. It doesn't have an overpowering flavour, great citrus tones went well with the mussels.