I am a bit late to the party, but last weekend while walking the dog I discovered the bacon baps at Rockwater. Good slices of proper farm bacon in a white roll.

Rockwater is the new name for the site that used to be "The View" in its last incarnation. A popular spot during the summer for beer and an ice cream, it was always a bit underwhelming in the quality of the outdoor seating - picnic tables - and the dark and gloomy interior.

While the main building is being redeveloped with a new glass frontage and sheltered roof terrace. There are two sets of shacks either side, serving food, ice cream, coffee and a licensed bar. A treat is that the bar serves Unbarred brewery beers, a local craft brewery.

The seat area out the front has been made over with a low walled platform with solid bench tables. The entrance has hand gel and bins, to keep safe and tidy. 

During the morning the coffee shack also has pastries, and the ice cream shack sells ice cream for dogs ... making this a perfect pit-stop on the morning walk. 

The food from the shacks is good quality (and therefore pricey!) seafood. I haven't tried it yet, but the prawn cocktail looked awesome. I hope that they continue the bacon rolls for dog walkers during the winter months.

Downstairs and around the back, the underground gym have based themselves. Using the lawn area for workouts while lockdown has prevented gyms operating indoors.

Looking forward to seeing how the bar/restaurant turns out when it is finished.