The Flour Pot Bakery

 With a site by the sea next to the West Pier and i360, a great place for a coffee and cake. Along with fresh sandwiches with great flavours. What better way to spend a lunchtime walk?


The other week during my lunchtime walk taking photos for a lens test I really fancied a fresh sandwich and coffee in the sun. So, we stopped off at The Flour Pot Bakery on Brighton Beach. First up was my sandwich, a Pastrami New Yorker. A lovely freshly baked focaccia roll with tender pastrami, Swiss cheese, and some leaves. The contents were tasty and good quality, but the bread-to-contents ratio was a bit high for my liking.

Next was the Chicken, Cheddar, and Chorizo toasted sandwich. As you can see the Chicken is a generous slices of breast meat. The cheddar and Chorizo add some flavour, salty and a touch of spice. The bread a slice of sourdough. I'm going to order this next time!

The cafe no longer has paper menus, which could spread COVID-19, and there is a QR code to send you to an electronic version. Which would be great as QR codes work much better now than a few years ago .. but I think it was a PDF as the page took a while to load. 

One treat that I didn't get time for on this trip was the "Brighton Blackout Cake". It's a chocolate overload with three layers of chocolate sponge, chocolate buttercream and a chocolate crumb sprinkled all over. It's like getting a hug in a cake. Perfect for some autumnal/winter energy.

Other treats on the menu are amazing sausage rolls, and a blue cheese danish. I often walk down to the Portland Road branch to pick one of these up for a mid-morning snack and coffee.