Waggon and Horses

One lunch time I headed out with a couple of hungry companions. Since this was the begining of the week the Troll's Pantry was sadly closed, so we were roaming the streets looking for some meaty treats. It wasn't long before we were in The Waggon and Horses a smallish pub that now claims to cook "Brighton's best burgers".

They certainly had a wide range of burgers, including the rather stomach bursting burger between two grilled cheese sandwiches! Could the kitchen keep up the quality with this wide range of burgers? Would the raw ingredients be as good as Troll's pantry? Unfortunately I didn't have my camera on me, and I was also feeling a bit light headed, so excuse the blurry shot below!

Zombie Head Shot
The Zombie Head Shot was an interesting choice - guacamole, blue cheese, salsa, red onion, tomato and lettuce (I may have missed an ingredient, but that's enough!). One nice touch that I didn't notice until about half way through was the head shot, a small piece of the bun had been gouged out and some tomato ketchup spread around to represent the blood that had shot out!

There was a good combo of flavours and the burger was certainly filling enough without any chips ... although of course I did have a couple of "spare" chips that my companions couldn't quite manage ;-) The ingredients were mostly good quality, but a couple of things let it down for me. First, the buns were a generic shop bought style bap. Secondly the meat patty seemed a bit dense.

I'd go back for the range of toppings, prompt and friendly service, opening hours and for both the range of spirits and real ale on offer to accompany your choice of burger. However, if I was really in the mood to eat a quality burger then Troll's Pantry retains the crown and is worth the extra walk for lunch.

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